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Two Brothers Roundhouse

Aurora, IL

205 N Broadway
Aurora, IL 60505

The roundhouse was constructed in 1856 to serve Aurora on the Chicago & Aurora Railroad. The walls of the structure were constructed with locally quarried limestone from Batavia, Illinois. The building is the oldest limestone roundhouse in the United States and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Event Details

Friday, April 22, 2022


Weather permitting, the ceremony will be outside. As the bride and groom are longtime Chicago-area residents, chilly temps and a little drizzle won't stop the fun! Please dress and accessorize accordingly.

Special Toast and Cocktails

Immediately Following



Music by

The Live Wires
DJ John Wanninger

RSVPs are now closed. If you need to change anything, please contact Becks or Scott directly.

Primary Hotel

Holiday Inn Express

Aurora - Naperville

111 N Broadway
Aurora, IL 60505

Our primary hotel is located across the parking lot from the venue. Reservations are first come, first served and discounts are available by using this link and typing our names in the Special Request section or by calling 630-896-2800 and mentioning Wedding Special Corporate Rate CODE IL4D4.


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We're planning for a 10-day journey through Croatia in June 2022!

Omiš city panorama

Photo: Sergei Gussev, licensed.

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Our Story

Scott and Becca camping

We met in 2019 the old fashioned way, through a dating app. Scott was brave and reached out first, Becks thought he seemed interesting and he had a cute dog (Nikki was in one of his photos). Both of us were pretty busy that April but managed to squeeze in, as Scott said, the "one-hour, easy-out, proof-of-concept coffee date (or beer, so many breweries in Ravenswood)." Within the month we had made things official and started meeting the friends and family. The first summer of getting to know one another was a whirlwind of dates and exploring the city, topped off with an 8 day SCUBA trip to Turks & Caicos. Admittedly one of our crazier ideas, it was an amazing trip.

We spent the fall camping with friends, navigating both being busy at work, and experiencing the first round of holidays with the extended families. Flash forward to Spring of 2020 when pandemic events led to major job transitions and moving in together sooner than anticipated. In what would prove to be a challenging year for the world, we found our balance and made the most of board games, bike rides, good food, virtual and porch hangouts, and working (mostly) remotely. December of 2020 brought the engagement.

Scott and Becca at a wine bar

Not shockingly, Becks was becoming worried that "it would never happen" but little did she know Scott had been scheming. He had connected with her friend Emily to get a ring style and spoke with both Jane and Dave before popping the question on New Years Eve. We celebrated saying farewell to 2020 with a promise that our future together was officially starting!

Our long engagement has included buying a new house, rescuing a puppy, and slowly but surely venturing back into the world of traveling that we both missed so much during the pandemic. Now, after a year of wedding planning we are excited to be celebrating with our family and friends on April 22nd!

Thank you to each of you for supporting us in our journey and being with us to toast to the future.

Wedding Party

Maggie and Becca Shades

Maggie Schwartz

Matron of Honor

Maggie is Becca's younger sister! They've known each other since November of 1991 and were roomies for quite some time. Maggie is kind, patient, and always looking out for Becca's best interests. Favorite memories include the christmas light color game, the Myrtle Beach balcony, and bonding over a shared love of board games.           

Becca and Katie

Frank Roggio

Best Man

Although they didn't know it at time, Frank and Scott have worked together since 2008 at the Iowa Events Center where Scott was the Production Manager and Frank was an IATSE rigger. They officially met in Chicagoland in 2012 as co-workers at another production compnay and have, off-and-on for a decade, shared an office at production houses in Chicago and job sites world-wide. Cooking, making, and whiskey feature prominently in shared time away from work.

Becca and Katie

Katie Daigle


Katie is Becca's older sister! They've known each other since April of 1987 and also were roomies for quite some time. Katie is positive, energetic, and always willing to listen to Becca. Favorite memories include being neighbors in Logan Square, driving around in the Hyundai, and going to see Sara Bareilles.

Scott and Carl Biking

Carl Sundermann


Carl and Scott met in the spring of 2002 while majoring in Electronic Media at Drake University. An example that great friends know no time or distance, whenever they are able to get together they pick up right where they left off. Most of their time together (although not attached at the hip) is spent simultaneously atop a few inches of thinly padded bicycle saddles where they've peddled thousands of miles through Iowa farm country, the Colorado Rockies, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Becca and Katie

Jeff Schwartz


Jeff is Becca's older brother! They've known each other since April of 1987 but were never roomies. Jeff is loving, intelligent, and very protective of his little sisters. Favorite memories include watching sports, overcoming classic brother-sister conflicts, and spending time becoming good friends.

Katie and Scott

Katie Poch


Scott's sister Katie came into this world a mere 19 months after Scott and have therefore, aside from Mom and Dad, probably spent more time with each other than anyone else. Rumor has it in the early days, young Scott was really good at egging young, impressionable Katie into mischief. At some point in time while Scott was off on his romp around the world, Katie grew into Scott's role model on how to do family.

Becca and Stef

Stephanie Bliese


Stephanie is Becca's sister-in-law! They've known each other since Jeff introduced her to the family in 2011. Stephanie is passionate, warm-hearted, and always welcoming. Favorite memories include family trips with the boys, learning about middle east conflicts, and countless dinners at her house.


Kevin Poch | Andrew Daigle | Jonah Dister

Becca and Stef Becca and Stef Becca and Stef

Kevin, Andrew, and Jonah joined the families in 2011, 2016, and 2018 respectively. Each one brings laughter and great energy to the party. They will assist with any of your program and seating needs! You also might see them helping to wrangle the six littles (Bennett, Jeremy, Silas, James, Makayla, and Nolan) as they make their way down the aisle.

Alternate Hotels

Springhill Suites


4305 Weaver Parkway
Warrenville, IL 60555

If the Holiday Inn is full and you are driving to the area, we suggest this option as a good alternative due to its location off of I-88.

Homewood Suites by Hilton

Aurora - Naperville

4320 Meridian Parkway
Aurora, IL 60504

If the Holiday Inn is full and you are utilizing the Metra, we suggest this option as a good alternative due to its walkable location from the Route 59 BNSF Metra Platform.